Sunday, October 30, 2011

Antivirus Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

How do you remove a virus from an Android phone or tablet? Well you first need to install and run a very good antivirus program to remove the malware. There are a number of solutions, but as is the case with antivirus applications for PCs and MACs, the best solution is only as good as its virus definition files, and are only effective if those files are updated frequently. Here is a list of the best antivirus software for Android devices.

Antivirus Free AVG
Antivirus Free AVGAVG offers one of the most popular antivirus solution in the industry, both free and paid; now there is a AVG version for the Android platform. This is a real-time scanner that has a backup assistant, task killer, and device wipe features to protect the user’s privacy. You can also run daily or weekly scans on demand, just to be sure the real-time scanner hasn’t missed a threat.
AVG seems to be making a effort to deliver an all-round security solution that not only protects Android phones and Tablets against malware, Spyware and viruses, but theft as well. The app has a stolen phone feature that allows it to locate the device via Google Maps. In instances where the phone is just misplaced, you can locate it by making it ring, even if it is in silent mode.

Antivirus Free –NetQinAntivirus Free –NetQin
Like many of the other apps featured here, NetQin promises to protect Android devices against Malware, viruses and Spyware while at the same time being gentle on how much power it draws.  This Android antivirus app also has other security features that enable owners to find and recover lost or misplaced devices using the device’s GPS. The app can also be used to remotely wipe data from the phone including contacts, messages, photos, call log, calendar entries and browsing history.

Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout Mobile SecurityHere is another great app that is good at blocking viruses, malware and Spyware.  The app has be getting 5 stars reviews from CNET and PCWorld, but owing to the fact that it drains the batteries, we believe that this is an application you may not want to have running constantly, except that you are close to a plug and have the charger handy.
Other notable features include:
  • Secure backup and restore
  • Loud alarm to locate a misplaced phone
  • Lost phone locator with map feature
QR code for Lookout Mobile Security

Antivirus FreeAntivirus Free
This app will detect many of the threats out there, including apps that carry out malicious activities. The developers of this app pride themselves on delivering an antivirus solution that scans all new apps, has a manual scan feature, and can run in the background without draining the battery. All in all, it is also a good Android virus removal app. QR code.
As with many free apps, some antivirus software bait users with basic features and then ask them to pay for a premium version.  Even so, the free versions are quite competent at delivering good antivirus protection.
If you know of any other good Antivirus apps for Androids, please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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