Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 Common Problems in Tablet What You Should Know

Tablet has grown very rapidly up a lot of tablet mode on the market. Starting from the low price tablet with tablet features as they come equipped with these features it offered at high prices.

The need for tablets also continue to increase. If working with a laptop is considered quite difficult when you want to use it as one's back on the sofa, then the choice falls on a tablet. However, if compared to laptop, tablet still has a shortage.

In this article Gopego retell what has been written on the ZDNet site of the problem is in the tablets, and should be quickly repaired by the manufacturer. Regardless of what OS is in the tablets that you have now, or you are intending to buy a tablet, you'll want cermati 10 common problems in the following tablets:

1. Still the lack of integration with the PC
ASUS Transformer is a keyboard dock, but the tablet is available today in general do not have docking stations that allow users to use the tablet more easily with other accessories. Docking stations should be able to connect the tablet with hardware such as keyboard, mouse, speakers or external drive.

2. Better keyboard support
To you who often use the tablet for the virtual keyboard to type in the exact use of the tablet is not adequate. Virtual keyboard is very comfortable to type an SMS message or other small notes but not for you who work as a writer or editor.

3. Still a lack of integration with the printer
Printing a document using a printer from a tablet is very frustrating. Generally you have to isntall a third-party app first. For owners of Android tablet, you can use Google Cloud Printing to set up printing can be done fairly quickly. But the way it is not convenient if you have to print lots of documents every day. For that tablets are generally still require development so that it can be used easily for the purposes of printing the document as a PC.

4. Browsers need to optimize
Until now there is no browser is most appropriate to use the tablets. Users generally use more than one browser to support perkerjaannya; Chrome and Firefox because it relies on its speed because it has many features.

5. Built-in handwriting recognition
This feature has been around for years but its presence in the tablets did not materialize. Some tablets have indeed begun to provide updates should the tablet handwriting recognition but should have more capabilities than just the basic functions including handwriting handwriting recognition, input and drawing.

6. Prices are still high
HP TouchPad which has now stopped production release with a high enough price. iPad and Motorola Xoom is two tablets most expensive to date, even more expensive than the price of a standard laptop. If you look at the ability of the laptop is more powerful than tablets, tablets price should be cheaper than laptops.

7. Internal storage is too small
SD cards are not the best solution to overcome the internal storage size of the tablet. Internal storage in a tablet should be added so that the internal storage is greater than in high-end smartphones.

8. Similar phones, not laptops
One problem is the laptop manufacturer, they too hold on samrtphone in designing tablets. In umu OEM only increases the size of the smartphone so that a wider display could be called a tablet. OEMs should not think like that because basically the function of different smartphones and tablets. Tablets can indeed be called a 'big smartphone' but the tablets are not used as often as productive tools smartphones. Currently the tablet is still seen as 'expensive toy' is more appropriate used as social media, watching movies, browsing, and still far from perfect to be able to support the work.

9. USB support is still lacking
A number of tablets such as Motorola Xoom Android have USB support, but a minimum of support. In future the tablet should be able to support more than just USB flash drives, such as keyboard, mouse, CD and DVD drives. But of course, additional features that will require many changes and redesign of the hardware also drive installation.

10. Access to SD cards
Some features in the form of tablets has provided access to SD cards. But not with the iPad and a host of other Android tablets that release without SD card slots,

Well, the tablet is not a laptop but keep in mind that tablets also is not a smartphone, redesigned with a display width regardless of the weaknesses that may be caused. Hopefully a review of 10 tablets above drawbacks useful;)

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