Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Back Up Your Facebook Account

With the growth of Facebook, now almost every person who has access to internet wants to use this great social networking website. With over 800 Million users, Facebook has made it a place where a lot of sharing would happen. Photos, personal info, etc. With the hacking attacks increasing day by day, your account and your details may be in danger. Every day thousands of Facebook account are hacked or compromised and losing your complete Facebook timeline is a nightmare for anyone who is addicted to Facebook.
These days most of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ offers data export settings. This means, even if your account is deleted or you lose your account access for some reasons, you have the back of your complete social networking profile.
Few months back, Facebook added a new feature call Account archive which will let you download a back up copy of all important Facebook data. When you use Facebook backup feature, you would be able to take back up of:
  • All your Facebook profile photos and Videos
  • Your Wallposts, messages and Facebook chat history
  • Your friend’s name and Emails (Email export depends upon their privacy settings)
If you have not taken any backup of your Facebook profile till now, I would suggest you to read the complete guide on Facebook backup here and take a backup of your account. Also, if you are regular Facebook user, you can add it into your monthly to-do list and take backup at the end of every month.

Step by step guide to back up Facebook Account:

1. Log on to your Facebook account.
2. Click on the arrow on the top right and click on “Account Settings”.
3. Now scroll to the end of the page and click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
download a copy

4. Click on “Start My Archive”.
fb backup
Now, you will have to give some time to Facebook to create your archive. After the archive is completed, you may be informed on Facebook or you can directly visit the page again.

5. If your archive has been created, enter the password and download the archive.
download backup

Backing up your Facebook data gives you all the photos and videos you have uploaded. Your wall posts, chat messages and other messages are also included. The name of all your friends with their email addresses(if allowed by them in their privacy settings) is included.
It takes around an hour for Facebook to archive your data (in my case also it took around 1 hour). You may not get informed by email even though Facebook says it (Also,I never receive an Email after backup completion). In the end, data export is a very useful feature offered by Facebook and specially when Facebook timeline profile will be globally launched, people will be able to create a complete timeline of their life, I’m sure this backup feature will be more handy.

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