Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 you must have in Google+ Chrome Browser Extensions

If you’re on Google+, and you’re using the Google’s Chrome browser, here are some lovely browser extensions which will help make your Google+ experience an even better one!  If you’re not on Google+ just request for an invite in the comments below.

1. How to handle your Google+ notifications without being on Google’s properties

One of my favorite Google+ features was that black bar on top which enabled you to receive and respond to your Google+ notifications anytime you were using any Google product like Google search or Gmail.  This feature makes it so much more convenient to continue conversations you have on the network.
The ‘Surplus extension’ however takes this one step further and just embeds your Google+ notifications directly into your browser so you can now handle notifications from anywhere.  Not only that, you can also update your status on Google+ and share links to your networks with one click as well.

2. How to reply directly to the original person who shared content on Google+

Another awesome feature of Google+ is that if you reshare a post, it still gives credit to the person who originally shared it.  What the ‘Replies and more Extension’ does is it augments the reply options of Google+ so you’re able to reply the source directly, which is good if you’re trying to provide encouragement or feedback.

3. How to de-clutter your comment stream on Google+

The +Comment toggle extension is a lifesaver when it comes to quickly scanning your Google+ stream.  What it does is it rolls up comments and only displays them when you want to have a look at them.  This means less scrolling, and it becomes much easier to quickly find and interact with content you’re interested in.

4.  How to +1 ANY web page

If you look to your left, you should be able to see a +1 button which I’ve put into this blog.  Click this button enables you to tell people on your Google network that you like this post.  Which is great when a page has a +1 button built in, but lots and lots of web pages do not have this functionality yet. 
So if you do want to +1 a page quickly, just try out the ‘Plus-One-Anything’ extension and you’re on your way.

4. How to instantly view full sized images in your Google+ stream

photozoom 7 Must Have Google+ Chrome Browser Extensions

If you’re looking for a faster way to view your photos in your Google+ stream this is it.  No need to click on photos, or visit albums.  Once you install the +Photo Zoom extension, you just need to hover your mouse cursor over the picture, and you get a full sized image.  Perfect for quickly scanning your stream and looking through your friend’s photos.

5.  How to display your Google+ notification count on your chrome browser tab

 count 7 Must Have Google+ Chrome Browser Extensions
Another one of Google+’s awesome features is that it supports real-time live updates without having to refresh your browser.  So, technically you could just keep your Google+ running in a background tab.  What you don’t want however, is to keep checking it unless you know you have a notification waiting for you.  The G+ Count extension displays the notification count on your tab so you can always stay on top of things.

6. How to tweet directly from your Google+ stream

helper 7 Must Have Google+ Chrome Browser Extensions
It’s early days in Google+, so you may choose to share some of that great content you’re reading on your stream to twitter.
The ‘Helper for Google+’ extension allows you to share a post on your stream on Twitter directly from Google+, but bear in mind that it shares the Google+ link, not the content link.  Which is also good in a way, because it encourages other people to add you to their Google+ circles.  It also comes with a button to translate any foreign languages on Google+ as well.

7. How to soup up the keyboard shortcuts in Google+

extended 7 Must Have Google+ Chrome Browser Extensions
Google+ already comes with a few keyboard shortcuts, but G+ Extended adds a ton of functionality like the ability to instantly expand older comments, or sharing a post with just a keystroke.  This is perfect if you’re in a rush and want to move faster.
It’s going to be an exciting time as Google+ continues to evolve, and I’m sure we’ll start seeing more and more of these awesome extensions in the future.

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