Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tips to Teach Toddlers Their Colors

Teaching toddlers can be a fun activity. Often, parents find it exciting to see their child learn new things, increase his vocabulary, and grow intellectually. Colors are a valuable subject to teach as the level of difficulty can increase as the child learns. Teaching toddlers can be a challenge since you can rarely set up a classroom-like setting, but following a few tips will help you succeed.

  1. Repetition

    • The most important way to teach a toddler different words and their meaning is by repeating the words. This doesn't mean repeating the word seven times in a row, but integrating the word into everyday speech. Using colors as an example, include the color of items you discuss: "That is a red car," "Look at the black cat," "Your shirt is green," for example. Hearing the words frequently will help children integrate the colors into their vocabulary.

    Situated Integration

    • Teach colors, as well as other concepts, by integrating the learning into the present situation. This means not separating play time for learning, but integrating the learning into play time. As your toddler picks up and plays with different toys, ask her what color the toy is. Ask about any other item as well: blankets, juice, pets, and food, for example.

    Mixing Games

    • If your toddler can name several basic colors, increase the level of challenge by demonstrating how colors mix to create different colors. There are many ways to do this. One inexpensive method is to use food coloring. Mix a few drops of food coloring in water to make different colors. Then mix the colored water together. You can also use paint or play dough.


    • Encouraging your toddler to express his artistic creativity can also be integrated with teaching colors and shapes. Draw shapes on paper using paint, markers, or crayons (or use a dry erase board), and ask your toddler to draw a similar shape. Increase the challenge by asking him to draw a specific color shape (a green line or red circle, for example).

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