Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Story Behind The Name Trojan Horse

In a computer world Trojan horses are deceiving or hidden programs on your computer that you think it's not harmful to your computer which opens up a port so network administrator or hackers can get in. Trojans are harmful depending who's using it. Most users of these applications are hackers, hackers are people that want to steal your valuable information. But other network administrators use these applications too, for them to remotely and accessibly monitor their network PCs, usually in schools or offices.
The name is based on a wooden horse used by Greeks in the Trojan War to deceive them. This story is debated if it's just a myth or a real event. The story was, in time the two sides, the Greeks and Trojans were in battle over Helen, they said she is the most beautiful woman in the world, who betrayed her husband Menelaus, brother of Agamemnon. When Greek realize they don't have a chance on entering the Trojans gate because of their archers. They made a strategy that will deceive the Trojans. A few of the men hid themselves in a huge hollow wooden horse, now known as the Trojan horse, and others went to their ships that are hid in the corner and rest there. One Greek spy, named Sinon, went to troy and told them that the Greek
surrendered. They were persuaded by Sinon to bring the wooden horse to their city (Troy) as a trophy and a gift from their god. That night they celebrated their victory over Greeks, later that night the city is unguarded, soldiers are drunk and sleeping. The Greek soldiers inside the wooden horse started their attack by killing the guards and opening the gate for other Greeks to enter, it was a smooth victory for Greeks, and then the war ended. That's why they called this program Trojan horse because it's deceiving.
How to detect/delete some of Trojan Horse on your computer?
One method of avoiding these programs is to have an anti-virus application, most people use Symantec Norton, Panda IS, AVG, and Avast, but their are still many anti-viruses out there to choose from. Also a firewall program is one important tool to have, this program detects intruders specially programs that opens up a port which most Trojan horse programs do.
Most Trojan horse programs target Windows Operating Systems, because is has registry. Registry is a database or directory that stores the settings and options of your installed programs, operating system, and more. So this is one method that Trojan horse breaks in to. The common registry directory is in "Run", this line will run the program every time you start your Windows operating system. Below is the list of registry directory that you need to check:
When you open that directory you'll see a list of programs that runs when your operating system is loaded. There you have to be familiar with the program names and be suspicious on some names, and if you are sure about that suspicious program you can just delete it. But their are still a lot of holes in windows registry that you can explore, but those are the common directory path.

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