Monday, October 3, 2011

Reasons Women Crying Longer than Men

Women cry more than men, primarily due to hormones.
Women have more oxytocin, and are genetically wired to be nurturers.  For this, they have increased alertness and sensitivity toward loss, threat, or fear.
Human beings are animals that evolved to give very great amounts of attention to members of the household.  Most critically, these attentions are aimed toward infants and children, although women are primary care-givers to most everyone in any household.  This attention and ability requires women to know emotions, to have empathy, in order to detect them. Women then can be perceived by others as being the “go to gal” when emotional issues must be addressed.
Women also have fluctuating hormones tied to biological drives to reproduce, and to feel emotionally safe with another person. At some point, almost every woman experiences a feeling of needing to burst into tears. This happens only rarely, or there would be  far more outbursts in the grocery store, schools, and the rush hour commute.
Almost all small children are shamed into not crying however, by being told:   "Don't be a cry baby."  Yet, It would be untrue to say that some little girls—and even boys, -do learn that tears bring special attention.  They can be unconsciously conditioned to cry more than is desirable because they learn that  this is often one way to get what they want.
However, it can also be observed that yelling, and slamming doors also is a learned behavior that allows one to to get what is desired as well.  Aggressive slamming and yelling is more discouraged in little girls, and tears and sobbing are more discouraged in little boys. It is not true of all cultures, of course, but it is assimilated across many nations and ethnic boundaries.
This does not mean that men should never cry.  Men have the same number of tear glands, and tears serve the same healing assistance in both males and females.  Tears cleanse, protect, lubricate, detoxify, and communicate.  When men tear up, it is usually a sign of something quite profound happening.  It is an evolved mechanism that shows : Here is a situation that deserves emotional attention, not timid evasion, or covering up.
In the case of televangelists and politicians, of course, most of their tears are for marketing purposes. This does not negate the need for all people to cry.  Tears

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