Sunday, October 2, 2011

Orgasm Up to Heaven

A Dutch escort company, Girls Company, which seemed to lack a place to provide commercial sexual services, opening up a new service: sex in the air. To popularize this service, the company that makes the competition that gave an opportunity for everyone to tell a story, based on personal experience, about the most exciting places to have sex. For example in the change room at a shop, warehouse, office and others.
Radio was mentioned, though the organizers of a commercial sex services company in the Netherlands, does not mean that participants must be from the land of windmills. Anyone can participate. The winner will get to enjoy a special prize as he boarded the jet is accompanied by a person ‘.

Gifts can also be tailored to the sexual identity of the winner, if not unlawful. In other words, Girls Company not only for participants heterosexuals, homosexuals of participants may also participate.
“This step was taken in response to frustration because of the business (sex) is often viewed negatively,” said company director, Wouter van der Heijden, as published by the daily De Telegraaf. Later in the Netherlands, the commercial sex business services are often accused of human trafficking.
Heijden added, those who liked to call the service man or woman, feel the experience of enjoying sex in the air would be incredible. He bragged a bit by calling this contest was first in the world. But he did not refute the sexual services using aircraft already been done in other countries. Companies in the United States opened the first such service.
Britain could provide such services, but then banned by the air traffic services, for endangering the safety, the pilot could not concentrate.
“In England the services are provided in a small propeller plane. The space between the pilot and the passenger cabin is limited only curtains. We will differ, this eight-passenger aircraft with a cabin,” said Wouter van der Heijden told De Telegraaf.
Do not know yet whether the contest could be a loss leader perusaahan latest services of commercial sex in the city of Amsterdam. Price sexual services priced in the air was 6,000 euros for a standard package in one go. The aircraft will be circling over the Dutch airspace.

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