Sunday, October 2, 2011

A most unique fact of 'LifeGem'

Jewelry is a asessoris that makes the wearer look more charming to be or may be deemed to look more attractive to others who see it. However, what if the jewelry is a timeless jewelry? You must be wondering, how could a piece of jewelry can be something eternal?
The name of the jewelry is 'Life Gem', a company that produces diamonds that originate from the ashes of human bodies or from the lock of hair from a loved one is commonly referred to as 'human diamonds' is a very beautiful diamond. If you remember the subjects of chemistry that we get at school of course this is no surprise to you of course, you try to watch carefully on the charcoal to fuel handyman satay or mobile food carts that will definitely look there are little flashes of jewel-like .
This is because, a jewel or a diamond has the same carbon series with charcoal or related to this topic is the ashes, but to be able to create a beautiful diamond, which required the lawyer-an-oven with the heat high enough to bind the carbon circuit so it became a beautiful jewel.

A natural diamond, which was found in active volcanic areas or from the remnants of lava flows from the crater of the volcano and can only be found at depths of 150 to 200 km below the earth's surface. When the volcano erupted a natural diamond is carried out along with the rock called "kimberlite" and "Lamproite" which then must be in the process beforehand to make it as jewelry.
A brilliant idea is very interesting is from Dean and Rusty VandenBiesen brothers and brothers Greg and Mike Herro Life Gem who founded the company in 2001 with its main purpose is to commemorate our loved ones can continue with us throughout time eternal. Perhaps many people who say that people are in love or loved one as a 'jewel of his heart' and this seems to actually become a reality.
Dean VandenBiesen said that the ashes of the cremated body of a man has enough carbon to make 20 grains of diamond, and still left a few grams to be used as other jewelry. However, most of the people just ordered 11 grains of diamonds from the cremated loved ones are no more than that.

You must still be wondering about, how the process of making these diamonds? Indeed the process of making a diamond has been found to technological development by mid-1950. The first step taken is the process of binding elements of carbon contained in the cremation ashes of the main elements of the diamond, which is modeled from the natural process of forming a diamond, which is formed naturally, which is then followed by other elements of the separation or purification of certain carbon element which contained the ashes of these creations.

Then proceed with the process of forming the diamond stone. Another unique thing Gem of Life is to create a colored diamond, which certainly will be more beautiful appearance than ordinary diamond stones that contain 0, 10 carat to 1.5 carats that have the same quality with other jewelry and the future will create the Life Gem Diamonds 3.0 quality of rust or maybe more. This process takes approximately six to nine months to create the Life Gem Diamonds.

For those of you who want to perpetuate the memories shared with your loved ones, maybe this could be a new alternative for you. So you will feel that your loved one is near you at any time until you re-united again in another world.

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