Sunday, October 2, 2011

iTableous, iPhone 4 Super-Sized

If you cannot wait for the iPhone release 5, this device could divert your attention. German engineers succeeded in making the iPhone 4 with 40-inch screen. Like what?
A device that has a screen 10 times larger than the usual iPhone 4 offers functions iPhone and computers can be used as a table.
iTableous has a similar design of Apple products, ranging from the camera button, volume and accelerometer.
The device is coated plexiglass 8mm strong which makes it can be tilted for easy use.
But before you order this device, please note, this device is not as sophisticated as it seems. these devices do not tech touch screen and cannot be used to call.
Creator, Benjamin Bechmeier, confess, this device functions like a desktop computer, although he could be connected to the Internet via 3G wireless. iTableous 118cm in length and width of 58.9 cm. The 40-inch screen of this device is Toyota 920x1080 resolution LCD monitor.
This device uses the operating system (OS) Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6.7 and 500GB of storage capacity and 4GB of RAM with a 1GHz processor ZOTAC Ionitx. HD 5.7 MP camera can also be found on this device.

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