Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to decide on Islamic baby names?

Verily choosing a baby name for the newborn baby is the task full of excitement for the family, in fact relatives and family friends also take part in the ceremonies relating to baby naming. Parent consider meaning as an important element before selecting a particular name, these days internet is playing a potential role in helping parents to search baby names from all across the globe along with accurate details of origin and meaning. Everyone believes that are important to make your future bright so as Muslims, names have an impact on your personality that is why a large number of Muslim families choose from the family of their prophet. According to the recent research on Islamic baby names, It has been found that "Mohammad" is the most popular name used world widely by the Muslim community.
Islamic baby naming ceremonies are unique in contrast to any other origin in the world. Caste or religion plays a key role in selecting a name for the new addition in Muslim families. Muslim are given to new born babies within seven days from the birth; the names are mostly influenced by the religion. Giving a name to a child is considered as a religious duty of the father. It is cited that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names" (Hadith Abu Dawud).
What are the most popular Islamic boy names?
There are huge list of boy names which are popular in Islamic countries such as Aaban (Name of the Angel),Aabid (Worshiper),Aadil (Just, Upright),Aahil ( Prince),Aalam (World),Aalee (Sublime, high),Aalim (Religious Scholar),Aamil (Doer, Work man),Aamir (Civilized),Aaqib (Follower),Aaqil (Intelligent),Aarif (Knowing, aware),Aariz (Respectable man),Aaryan (Of Utmost strength),Aashif (Bold, courageous),Aashir( Living),Aasif (An able minister),Aasim ( Person who keeps away from sins),Aatif (Kind Affectionate),Aaus (Name of a tree),Aayan (God's gift),Aazim (Determined),Abaan (Old Arabic name). What are the most popular Islamic girl names?
There are huge list of girl names which are popular in Islamic countries such as Aaeesha (Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),Aafia (Good health),Aafreeda (Created, Produced),Aafreen (Brave, Acclaim),Aairah (Noble, respectful),Aakifah (Devoted, Dedicated),Fahima ( Intelligent),Fahmida (Intelligent and Wise),Faiha (Good smell from heaven),Faiqa ( Superior, Outstanding),Fairuzah (A precious gem),Faiza (Gain),Faizah (Successful), Fajr (The dawn, name of the morning prayer)
Muslim parents believed that name should be beautiful and unique in terms of meaning and religious value. Muslim families highly believe that new born babies are the precious gift by Allah and they name a baby within seven days of the birth. Another thing which is unique is girls generally keep the second name same as the name of their father until they get married, and after their marriage they use their husband's name as their last name. Baby naming ceremony will be held after the selection of a Muslim name. Muslim baby names are basically come from Urdu origin, Arabic origin, Afghani origin, Pashto origin, Farsi origin etc.

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