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Four Mysterious Disease in Women

There Are Some Mysterious Disease That Affects Women

Mysterious Disease – When a female tennis player Venus Williams must out from the tournament in late August due to Sjogren’s syndrome, many of which later wondered. Whether the disease is and how to fix this?
This disease is an autoimmune condition that commonly affects women over 40 years. There are also some other mysterious disease that affects more women. Want to know? Here it is four of them, as quoted from the Third Age.

Four Mysterious Disease in Women, The List

Sjogren’s Syndrome
Typical symptoms of pain, fatigue, eyes and mouth dry due to the production of tears and saliva decreases. Other symptoms include joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, skin rash and dry skin, vaginal dryness, and dry cough.
This syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease where white blood cells attack the moisture producing glands. Approximately four million Americans – mostly women suffering from this disease. There is no medication to cope with Sjogren’s syndrome, but a healthy lifestyle and medical treatment can reduce symptoms.
To stay hydrated, it is advisable to drink plenty of water throughout the day. And when needed minor surgery to correct eye glands.
Morgellons Syndrome
Sufferers of Morgellons syndrome experience symptoms of swollen, red and blue stripes appear on the skin when the skin is scratched, bitten or injured. Disease ‘bugs’ that affects approximately 14,000 people found by a French physician in the 17th century. And, the name Morgellons, the latest name of the disease showed delusional parasitosis that may conceal the existence of other disorders.
To relieve itching and pain, patients are advised to use topical creams and analgesics. Until now, the U.S. disease control center has not found the cause of this mysterious disease.

Foreign Accent Syndrome
People with a foreign accent syndrome suddenly conversing with a completely different accent than before. In 2002, researchers at Oxford University found that patients have brain abnormalities that cause changes in voice, pronunciation and other changes.
According to the Journal of Neurolinguistics, patients often have never heard the accent they adopt. The first confirmed case was a Norwegian woman who woke up with a German accent in 1941. Because of that, he was exiled. In July 2011, an Oregon woman, Karen Butler, 58, woke up with a British accent after minor surgery in the mouth. Doctors believe he suffered a mild brain injury or a minor stroke that caused the condition.
Alice in Wonderland syndrome
The name of the disease is taken from a movie starring Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” People who suffer from this mysterious disease to see objects that are much smaller or larger than actual size.
The medical term for these symptoms macrophasia and microphasia. Migraine headaches are accompanied by visual perception often suspected as the cause. As a result of this illness, the senses of hearing, touch, and body image can also be affected.
This syndrome is usually a symptom of brain tumors, mononucleosis, or due to drug use. – Mysterious Disease

The Picture Of Alice In Wonderland Syndrome One Of Four Mysterious Disease in Women

Four Mysterious Disease in Women

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