Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dog “Miraculous” Can Lights in the Dark

A dog named Tegon have the ability to glow in the dark. Tegon was cloned dogs produced by South Korean scientist for human disease research, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
“Tegon can shine under ultraviolet light if given the antibiotic doxycycline,” tell Lee Byeong-chun, chairman of the research team from Seoul National University (SNU).
Tegon was born falls 2009 is not the first cloned dog produced SNU. It rains 2005 Snuppy island, born of trial 2.000 egg cell is then grown into 1.000 embryo. At the number, only one tail produced Snuppy.
The same process is then implemented to make Tegon, types of female beagle dog (small hunting dog). The difference, Tegon is the first cloned dog can shine in the dark with green light. Uniquely, its rays could dihidupmatikan if Tegon certain antibiotics through the food.
Ability to turn on and off gene This color is important in research. Scientists can monitor the effects of a substance is added to the gene. For example, beta-amyloid gene known to cause damage to nerve function in Alzheimer's disease. With these genes turn on and monitor neurological function after, can yield clues about the development of Alzheimer's.
Making Tegon opens new horizons given an injection of genes that can make this puppy shine can be replaced with the genes causing fatal diseases in humans,” kata Byeong-chun. This study deliberately using dogs as experimental animals because there are about 268 disease can be equally diidap by humans and dogs.

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