Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Simple Things You Can Do On Your Desktop

When my friends visit my home, they’re quite impressed seeing how I do things on my desktop, and the way it looks. They’re just blown away looking at the customizations I’ve done on my Windows desktop. Here’s are a few ways to mpress your not so geeky friends and have fun for yourself:
  • Rename the Start Button

Yep, rename the Start Button using this little trick. It’s perfect for a little show-off. Most of your friends will be quite surprised that you could actually do it. ;)
  • Use a keyboard launcher

I’m a keyboard junkie and I use Launchy on Windows and Gnome Do on Ubuntu to start programs. The instant appearance of the Launchy window never fails to amuse them. They don’t really know that you could actually launch programs without using the mouse.
  • Use Linux

We learn Linux at school – but mostly we deal with theories, and nobody has experienced Linux yet at school. Boot into Linux, deal with the commands. Turn on Compiz Fusion. They’ll probably ask you if it’s Vista and say “Linux has GUI? I thought it only works with commands”. Watch their jaws drop in astonishment.
  • Docks

There was a time when I used to try a lot of interface makeovers for Windows, and tried a lot of Mac OS resembling enhancements like Docks for Windows. Everybody was quite overwhelmed by the look. You can try the FlyakiteOSX transformation pack as well.
  • Customized Firefox

Well, about this one, I will have to say that the default Firefox Web Browser doesn’t impress friends much (since the default Firefox interface is not-so alien). However, with something like PicLens and TabEffect, you could really make for a good show off.

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