Wednesday, September 28, 2011

100 simple things to do to enrich your life

These are really simple things that you can do:
  1. Share good stuff with friends.
  2. Talk good about others.
  3. Smile always.
  4. Greet people around you.
  5. Let your love ones know that you care for them.
  6. Hug your love ones.
  7. Play with your pet.
  8. Try new games.
  9. Spend quality time with family.
  10. Have a weekly gathering with old friends.
  11. Sing happy songs.
  12. Enjoy soothing music.
  13. Learn to play new music instrument.
  14. Watch live stage performance.
  15. Visit new countries and experience different cultures.
  16. Try backpacking.
  17. Appreciate happy moments in life.
  18. Feel grateful for every thing you have.
  19. Walk every evening for an hour.
  20. Jog or run weekly.
  21. Practice tai chi, qigong, or yoga.
  22. Try daily meditation.
  23. Expose yourself to the morning sun.
  24. Work out at fitness center.
  25. Try to befriend the stranger sitting next to you.
  26. Drink less coffee, more green tea (without sugar and milk).
  27. Cycle around to explore new places.
  28. Try new food.
  29. Visit new restaurants and cafés.
  30. Enjoy the ambient of the café.
  31. Watch movie with good friends.
  32. Swim at water theme park.
  33. Work hard and love your job.
  34. Organize social activities for your colleagues and friends.
  35. Plan your finance well.
  36. Live frugally.
  37. Invest regularly and carefully to build long lasting wealth.
  38. Produce less waste and recycle more.
  39. Save energy.
  40. Drink moderately.
  41. Say no to smoking and dangerous drugs.
  42. Blog daily.
  43. Read quality books.
  44. Subscribe to quality blogs.
  45. Learn new things from internet.
  46. Make your own video documentary.
  47. Get a nice huggy pillow.
  48. Laugh at funny jokes
  49. Laugh with your friends.
  50. Make others laugh.
  51. Play games with your friends.
  52. Play more chess.
  53. Never quit learning.
  54. Improve learning skills.
  55. Fill your life with activities.
  56. Avoid sleeping whole day.
  57. Get a sense of life purpose by having a role or responsibility in life.
  58. Volunteer to take responsibilities.
  59. Take reasonable risk in every opportunity.
  60. Face hardship to make yourself stronger.
  61. Give a helping help to those in trouble.
  62. Set realistic and concrete goals in life and commit to them.
  63. Write down things that you have learnt every day.
  64. Contribute to charity wisely.
  65. Eat healthy food – more greens and less chemical.
  66. Drink more water.
  67. Plant trees and vegetables.
  68. Watch documentary and science programs.
  69. Learn a new language.
  70. Learn new software.
  71. Learn to recall your night dreams.
  72. Take pictures of beautiful sceneries and share it with friends.
  73. Learn skills of arts such as paper cutting.
  74. Walk at the garden.
  75. Enjoy the evening sun at the beach.
  76. Write letters of appreciation.
  77. Participate on online forums.
  78. Meet smart people on internet.
  79. Have healthy, inspiring role models.
  80. Wake up early in the morning.
  81. Take afternoon nap.
  82. Keep your promises.
  83. Do what you preach and walk the talk.
  84. Detoxify your body with exercise, water, fruits, and herbs.
  85. Breathe properly with abdominal breathing.
  86. Decorate your house.
  87. Cook tasty and healthy food.
  88. Live an environment friendly life.
  89. Learn the secrets of longevity.
  90. Be a good listener.
  91. Embrace peace and harmony.
  92. Avoid judging others. Accept people as they are.
  93. Learn to be compassionate, even toward “bad” people.
  94. Control your desire.
  95. See things from different point of view.
  96. Embrace diversity in culture.
  97. Enjoy the process of growing up and each stage of life.
  98. Saviour every moment in life and keep sweet memories.
  99. Practice loving kindness.
  100. Forgive others and let go of the past.

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